Claim your free printer audit

(October 2017)

When was your last printer audit? You might be paying too much and putting up with slow or sub-standard printing when an affordable solution is available.

The print audit is for companies with multiple printers or smaller offices with only one machine … and everybody in between.

We will visit your premises to make sure we fully understand how you operate and what your printing needs are before we evaluate your current solution. We’ll only propose a new solution if we can improve on performance or cost (or both).


Our assessment of your current situation will include gathering information about all of your network connected print devices.

The print audit will show details including, the quantities that are being printed, the areas or people in the business that are printing the most and the types of printing that is being done. For large businesses who have several printers, the print audit will help us identify the most efficient print set-up, the areas of the business where the equipment should be placed and where the latest technology can automate processes for greater long-term business savings. For smaller businesses, the print audit enables us to match the right print equipment with your business requirements.


If you decide to go ahead with our recommendations, we will implement our recommended solutions with minimum disruption to your business. We will handle all aspects including configuring network settings right through to implementing printing rules based on your usage and needs.

And that’s not all. We can remotely monitor and manage your printers. This means we will deliver any consumables such as ink cartridges as you need them and we will be able to identify any faults, carrying out repairs and services immediately to minimise any downtime. Through regular reviews we can make sure that your printing processes are optimised for your needs giving you a more efficient and productive way of working.

At etc.. East Anglia we pride ourselves in providing businesses with useful and honest information. So, if the print audit shows that a new a printer isn’t needed you can rest assured we will not recommend a purchase. In some cases, just re configuring your existing equipment may be all that is required and if this is the case that’s what we will recommend.

To book your free print audit please call etc.. East Anglia on 01603 400010 or enter your details in our online contact form and we will be in touch.